The Indigo Pearl | Waxhaw, North Carolina

The Indigo Pearl boutique is nestled on the corner of North Main and Broome street in Waxhaw, North Carolina, a vibrant art town surrounded by a diverse selection of restaurants, pubs and breweries.

Deann is the owner of The Indigo Pearl boutique. She opened up this warm and creative environment in 2015 to feature her leather work. She has since built her business around the incorporation of local talent and ethically sourced goods from around the globe.

Deann has a very distinct eye for design, her style evokes mood, which is expressed in each handbag she creates. She carefully and purposefully selects the color of leather and hardware for each bag before she sews it all together in the back of her shop. Her green leather clutch below features a peacock feather, representing her unique style while expressing beauty and dignity.

Deann carries a selection of E.B. Jewelry Studio handmade Everly silver-tone leather bracelets, a non-tarnishing metal available in an anchor, cross, flip flop, flower, starfish, and/or lone star clasp.

If you are in or around Waxhaw, North Carolina be sure to vistit The Indigo Pearl!